PV – Solar Photo-voltaic modules

1  –  The paint of battery’s bearer is completed and no flake. Bearer fixed firmly and the level error is conform to the requirements of the specification. Battery polarity is correct, the sealing is good, appearance is clean, liquid level within a reasonable range. Battery installation is smooth, uniform spacing, the same row, column height is same, battery arranged evenly. Connector connects with terminal is correct and fastening, the contact area with electric compounded grease. Cell number is complete and clear. Outgoing line polarity is marked correctly, Cable hole sealing is tight. Wiring is good

2 – Photovoltaic phalanx stents azimuth and inclination should comply with the design requirements, stent anticorrosion is good. Photovoltaic modules installation is smooth and firm. Positive and negative electrode and series connection wire between components color is consistent, the feeder comply with the design and specification requirements. Photovoltaic component identification is correct and clear, stent grounding is good.

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